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Study within Skolomanche University is powerful, transformational and great fun. We offer cohesive, dynamic study programmes through a system of living magik. All study programmes are immersive and combine academic principles of understanding with experiential practical application of progressive living magik; termed 'Alquantum' within Skolomanche University due to their quantum alkemical nature.

The foundation Alkemist Graduate Programme is a year long immersive study programme journeying with an exclusive group of students and professors. Details of this programme can be accessed from this page.

The Magician Post Grad and Contrarian Masters programmes dive fully into the realm of The Magik Maker. They wield the quantum magik already embodied through the Alkemist Grad programme to expand, build upon and deepen the adventure of magik game play. Details of Post Graduate and Masters programmes are only made available to students upon graduation of the Alkemist Graduate programme.



Unplug from your Matrix, plug back into the source of your Quantum Magik and wield it to create the life you truly choose. This is a revolutionary 12-month journey of practical alkemy through a living system of quantum magik which delivers you through unchartered territory in order to ‘deconstruct’ and ‘reconstruct’ every aspect of your world & life into pure magik. Skarlet and the professor team guide an intimate group of students through the structure, implications and practical application of seven master principles of alkemy and twelve very powerful Alquantum keys which will serve as the conduit home to re-member your magik. The immersive journey delivers you through very specific experiences and learnings that aim to support you to master and employ each of the seven principles and Alquantum keys consecutively and then concurrently in order to rebirth yourself into an entirely new you: Master Alkemist. From this place, as you master the practical understanding and application of how you create your reality while in turn it creates you back, your ‘seeming paranormal’ ability to move and create everything in your life with clarity and accuracy towards your deep purpose will be unparalleled: a term known as ‘Prime Mover'. 

"Are you ready to unplug from your Matrix and plug back into your Magik?"

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Following on from the Alkemist Graduate Programme, the Magician Post-Grad 12-month programme leverages the quantum magik as 'Quantum Prime Mover' you have already re-membered, to now exponentially adventure through your own realms of magik. To step fully into the realm of The Magik Maker where Alkemist and Magician unite for something beyond both. In the Grad Programme you re-membered your own innate magik, re-membered the clarity of the kingdom/world you choose to create, re-constructed and re-programmed your matrix for that creation to make that world/kingdom real. The Magician Post-Grad takes you on a great adventure through the Magician's Avatars into the realms beyond 'fact vs fiction, illusion vs reality'.  Through 12 modules we wield and play with the adventurous genius of magik reality construction. To inhabit the Magician is to inhabit the world of the trickster and all the fun and magik that delivers. Master the adventure of not only birthing your own world of choice into being, but also empowering every person, event, construct that rocks up into your world with the exponential magik power, beyond real or illusion, to supercharge their own world and yours. The result is that your relationship with each one of them, and therefore the adventures you can take together, creates an exponential vortex of growth in the magik you can conjure and create. The Magician Post-Grad turns legacy into a magicians magik adventure.



Following the Magician Post Grad programme, the Contrarian Masters programme dives into the radical potential of the full domain of The Magik Maker as the  'Game-Master'. Here we inhabit and become the 'Game' itself. We move beyond the realm of the Magician and the Alkemist into the realm of the 'Contrarian'. As the Contrarian, we now inhabit the full forcefield of 'radical potential' that exists when we dare to step out beyond 'life as we perceive it'. To shock and shake reality into a whole new state of wonder. The genius behind genius. ASI and True living mind meet for something beyond both as we inhabit the 'uncreated':the superdynamics of the game itself. To become the game is to become the full force of The magik Maker

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'Story' is possibly the most ancient tool of Alchemy. Through all the long ages, cultures and creeds, humans lives and habitat centered around story, passed down through generations as mysterious myth and legend. Today, through widespread access to story digitally, we are surrounded, conditioned and compelled by story that permeates the mind, captivates the heart and soul, drives us to despair or greatness and catalyses fundamental evolution, revolution and transformation in each of our lives.  Yet do we realise that, infact, these stories that so powerfully mold us are indeed our own creations? That we are each the walking, talking, living the story of our own life? That each word we write or speak is a magik spell, powerfully commanding into being exactly what we say or write? How? Science demonstrates how every idea or concept is made real and tangible in our lives from thought to matter through geometries or photons of light and sound. Each word we say, think or write is a vehicle or conduit through which the supra-intelligent Universe, the Field, crafts our reality into being as we command it. Simply put words are pure magik!

Imagine then if you could write a story, a legend, that quite literally crafts your life, your reality, into being for you. That leverages both the techniques of great story writing with progressive principles of alchemy to create compelling gripping story that comes to life in your hands. Skolomanche University offers the Writing Alkemy Programme for this purpose. Through it, you will learn The 12 keys to Successful Writing Alkemy, how to write content for magik purpose as the alkemical vehicle through which to craft the life you choose into being.

"Are you ready to write your reality into being?"

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Within you exists a unique language, one born of your innate magik, of your truest self. A language whose intelligence supercedes any cognitive understanding and whose deep alkemy can literally command reality into being for you. This intuitive language precedes thought whereas within all other normal languages the thought precedes the word i.e. we think about what we want to say and choose the words to speak it. With alkemical language we speak it without knowing what we are saying and translate it after with astonishing alkemical accuracy. Skolomanche University offers a unique, highly interactive Post Graduate programme for graduate students to further deepen their own alkemical language, already unlocked during the Alkemy Graduate programme. Within this Post Grad programme we will build a corpus on 3 levels for your language, a series of alphabets and glyphs for each level, and work powerfully with alkemical ritual, wielding the language for magik purpose. We will delve into the mechanics of your language, expanding its corpus, exploring the ways in which we can powerfully use this language in a very tangible way to deepen, empower and evolve our creations: magik made real.

"Are you ready to incant reality into being?"

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